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Vision & Mission


Clients are the core of our business, and this is reflected in the vision and values of our company.
As one of the world’s leading industry valve manufacturers, we are committed to:

  • Satisfy And Exceed Our Client’s Requirements In Terms Of Quality Of Our Products And Services, As Well As Price Competitiveness
  • Provide Our Staff With A Secure Working Environment And The Possibility To Go Further “up The Ladder”
  • Act As A Responsible Company And Citizen, And Managing Natural Resources With Care, Sensitivity And Efficiency
  • Achieve Sustainable Development And Profitable Growth By Approaching Business Excellence And Strategic Expansion In The Most Interesting Markets
  • Go For Clean Technologies And Efficient Energies Allowing A More Ecological Planet.


At SRS, our mission is to reach Excellence in all aspects of work.

  • We constantly strive hard:
  • To Seek The Highest Quality, Both In Our Work And Our Products
  • To Continuously Improve Our Work And Processes
  • To Provide Our Clients With High Quality Products And Services At Competitive Prices
  • To Offer Quality 100% Guaranteed